Perouze - Theofrastos Sakellaridis

Perouze is a Greek opera composed by Theofrastos Sakellaridis (1883-1950) to a Greek libretto by Georgios Tsokopoulos, premiered at Olympia Music Theatre, Athens, in October 9, 1911. The production was so successful, that it continued being performed for two years in many theaters in Greece and abroad. The last performance was given in 1950 by the National Opera of Greece, just weeks after the composer’s passing.


The story takes place at the Greek countryside and is about a passionate and catastrophic love story between a gipsy girl and a regional young man. George Leotsakos, a Greek Musicologist discovered lost the handwritten score, which was edited by conductor Byron Fidetzis and the opera was could be performed once again after 70 years.


Theofrastos Sakellaridis was a very talented and productive composer and conductor and one of the leaders in the genre of the Greek operetta. His very personal and unique idiom was created through the mixture of contrasting influences, including Greek folk songs, Anatolian idioms, French and Austrian operetta, music of the Gipsies, Greek “cantada” and even jazz.



Conductor: Byron Fidetzis

Director: Theodoros Abazis

Costume and set design: Helen Manolopoulou

Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou


Roles: Kassandra Dimopoulou (Perouze), Philip Modinos (Thanos), Anna Stylianaki (Anthoula), Petros Magoulas (King of the Gipsies), Tassis Christogiannopoulos (Petros, a Fisherman)

Soloist’s Music preparation: Dimitris Yakas

Choirs: The Mixed Choir of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and members of the Mixed Choir of the National Conservatory (Choir-master: Nikos Maliaras); The Mixed Choir of Thessaloniki (Choir-master: Mary Constantinidou)